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The provider of the website www.mzkelektro.si is the MZK ELEKTRO d.o.o. company.

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By visiting our website (browsing, opening links, reading web-content, etc.) you agree to the General Conditions of Use. If you do not agree or do not accept the General Conditions of Use as a visitor of the website, please leave it.

The provider reserves the right to change the Conditions at any time and without prior notice by publishing a new version on the website.

The conditions apply to the entire website and all of its individual parts, such as sections, sub-pages or forms, unless explicitly provided otherwise for a particular section.


Announcements, submissions, articles, publications, texts and other content published on the website (hereinafter: content) have been created with the best of intentions to provide useful information for website visitors (hereinafter: users). The provider uses his best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information and content and the proper functioning of the forms.

In particular, the provider publishes the information about the MZK ELEKTRO d.o.o company on the website. The provider publishes only information that is in (direct or indirect) connection with users.

If a piece of information obtained from other sources is published on the website, the source or link to the source shall be indicated.

The provider reserves the right to change, add or remove content or forms on the website without prior notice and shall not be responsible for any consequences of such changes.

There are also links that point to the websites of other people or companies on the website. The functioning of these pages and their content are beyond control of the provider who does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information and content published therein.

The rules concerning limitation of liability in use of the content on the website are contained in point 3 of the General Conditions.


Website visitors use the website, its parts, content and information entirely as matter of their own responsibility.

The website provider accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the event when some important information or other content posted on the Internet or passed to the provider is overlooked.

The provider accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the accuracy and correctness of the information and content published on the website, accepts no responsibility or liability with regard to the changes made in information or content which have already been published, and accepts no responsibility or liability with regard to any damage that may be caused to the visitor of the website through the use of the published information or content on the website, including losses which have come through lost income or the expected profit, goodwill impairment, loss of business or loss of data.


The web site uses text files (i.e. cookies) that are stored to the devices. Cookies are used by this website to give Internet users access to various functions and they aim to recognise the devices. The website uses cookies in order to collect data concerning using the website to improve the user experience.

The storage of cookies is under the complete control of the browser that the user has. The user can limit or disable the storage.

You can control browsing data or delete stored cookies by clearing your web browser. If you delete your cookies or they expire, your website will again warn you that it uses cookies.

Social networks such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter may save cookies when visiting the site if you are logged in at the same time. These cookies are beyond control of the provider since their use is governed by the terms that you have accepted as a user of these networks when you registered your account.


The provider protects the personal data of visitors of the website obtained through their use of the website. Personal data are processed exclusively for the purposes for which they are collected and permitted by applicable law.

The provider shall not use personal data, including contact information, for any other purpose, and shall not, without the prior expressed consent of the data subject, communicate it to third parties, unless he was legally obliged to do so.

When visiting the website some data (e.g. date, time, page address from which you are coming from) are stored on the server. These data are anonymous and are used only for statistical processing.

The provider implements the necessary organizational, technical and logical procedures and measures to protect personal data, prevents the accidental or deliberate unauthorized destruction of data, their alteration or loss and unauthorized processing.


The provider offers his website visitors a newsletter subscription (eNews). When you subscribe to the newsletters, the provider obtains your e-mail address, which you enter in the subscription form. These data are processed exclusively for the purpose of informing about the news and events and shall not be communicated to third parties. Your email address will remain stored until you unsubscribe from email notification services which can be done any time. Email notifications are not sent through the website www.mzkelektro.si. By entering an e-mail under the "Subscribe to eNews" section, it is considered that you agree that the provider uses your e-mail address for the purposes of notification, and that you are aware that you can unsubscribe anytime.


The content, graphic and other elements on the website are subject to copyright protection and other forms of intellectual property protection, other than those marked as free from copyright restrictions in General Conditions or directly with the content.


If you discovered a mistake, inaccuracy, unupdatedness or other shortcoming on the website, please inform us via email: info@mzkelektro.si. Also, your request for the withdrawal of your personal data from the website can be communicated via this email address.

Each individual may ask the provider to withdraw his personal data published on the website, including an image or video clip on which an individual appears. In this case, the provider will immediately withdraw personal data from the website, but shall not be responsible for publishing these data or recordings on other servers where they are published by other people.